Dec 18, 2013

Iron Kingdoms RPG Troll

So we, like so many others, started playing the great game from Privateer Press, the Iron Kindoms Roleplaying Game. I chose a Troll as my character, mainly because I wanted to paint a Troll.

I didn't want to go with the "traditional" axe-wielding, blood-thirsty maniac as Trolls are often pictured, instead I wanted to go with something totally different. Something inspired by the Trollbloods Warlock Grim Angus.

My character is a Troll whose Archetype is "gifted" and Careers are "Rifleman" and "Gunmage".
His spells are Runeshot Accuracy, Runeshot Brutal, Runeshot Silencer, Blackpenny and Snipe. So I can safely sit back and shoot enemies to death. But if I get into melee, I'm in trouble.

Privateer Press' IKRPG miniature range had just the perfect miniature for my purposes, Grindak Bloodbreath, Trollkin Adventurer.

His pose and gear were perfect for a lone sniper. But his right hand looked a little odd so it needed something. Bartolo Montador's hat was the perfect solution. My Troll Sniper was cool enough to wear a fancy hat. And it sat perfectly in his palm. 

And a rifle. And again, the solution was found in the Privateer Press bits range. My Troll has a rifle with a RNG 14" so it had to be a little more than just a regular rifle. A Khador Widowmaker Marksman Rifle looked bad-ass enough for my fancy hat wearing sniper Troll. 

All I had to do was remove the original hands with a Dremel, cut the Troll's axe, cut off a piece of the scope and make the axe handle that remained in the Troll's hand a part of the scope. A little modeling putty and a piece of plastic rod and Presto! My Troll had a nice rifle. A few leather pouches from my bits collection, new left hand fingers from modeling putty and he was ready to be painted. 

All these put together resulted in this: 

He still needs a name. A cool, fancy hat wearing Troll sniper can't be called Gerlak Doomspeaker, can he? If you have a good suggestion for a name, feel free to drop a comment.